Introducing: The Salmon Children

Good morning!

We're so excited to introduce Fort and Binga, the Salmon Children!

One night in December 2020, after a long night watching Veep and eating popcorn, Dandy got a little sleepy. And when Dandies get sleepy, they get a li'l weird.

Dandy had a thought. What if there were salmon children? Like human children with fish-shaped, salmon-eqsue bodies that could walk and talk and go to school just like other kids. 

But salmon children are just a little different. They have gills and scales and salmon mouths, they can swim like fish, and they like snacking on krill. 

Jacob thought this was very silly and wrote it down to remind Dandy how silly this was in the morning. 

The next day, Dandy knew it wasn't silly. She tried to draw the salmon children as best she could (those early drawings are a little weird looking).  Dandy drew little tube-shaped creatures with pointy faces saying "glug glug, me want krill!" It was very funny, so Jacob and Dandy laughed a lot.

Jacob wanted to help, but it was hard to perfectly capture Dandy's vision. 

Hard, but not impossible! Jacob started drawing pictures of fishy children that were closer to the salmon children in Dandy's head, but the mouths were never quite right. They kept trying.

Jacob started to get more on board with the idea of salmon children, and one night he asked Dandy what their names would be. Dandy, in her sleepy wisdom, said, "Fort." 

Jacob laughed and said, "That's not a name!" Dandy asked him what he thought a name should be. 

After a moment, Jacob replied, "Bingo."

Knowing that Jacob wasn't too good at coming up with names, Dandy thought for a moment, and said, "what about Binga?" emphasizing the change in the last letter. And it was perfect.

Eventually, Jacob figured out what Dandy was trying to say when she said, "Their mouths need to open like a flap!" and drew the most perfect pair of salmon children twins. 

And so Binga and Fort the Salmon Children were born/hatched.